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Ejercicios Presente SImple/Presente Continuo

Exercise 1. Completa las frases. Usa Simple Present and Present Continuous.

Mary and Joe ___________ (be)in a clothes shop at the moment.
They ___________(look)at some jeans.
Joe only ____________ (have)one very old pair of jeans.
So he ___________ (want)to buy a new pair of jeans now.
Right now, he ___________ (try on)a pair of blue jeans.
»These jeans __________ (fit)very well,« he (say) .
»But they _____________ (not suit)you,« Mary __________(reply. »Try on another pair.«
»What ___________(think / you)?« he __________ (ask)Mary, when has tried on another pair.
»Great! How much ___________(cost / they) ?«

Exercise 2. Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present and Present Continuous.

Sue _____________(be)a student from South Korea.
She ______________ (live)in Seoul and _____________(study)medicine.
At the moment, however, Sue _____________ (live)in London.
She ___________ (do)a six-months practical course in a London hospital.
In five days, Sue _____________(go)back to South Korea because the next term at university ___________(start)in ten days.

Exercise 3. Complete the story. Use Simple Present and Present Continuous.

Today ___________(be)Betty's birthday.
Betty _____________(love)birthdays.
She _____________(be)always very excited and ____________ (wake up)very early.
At six o'clock in the morning, Betty _______________(hear)a noise.
She ____________(get up)and ____________(go)into the sitting room.
What ______________ (go on)?
Look! Betty's cat Carlos ____________(sit)on the table and he ___________(play)with Betty's present.

Exercise 4.Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present and Present Continuous.

James ____________ (live)in a little village.
He ___________(be)in his last year at school.
After school, James ___________(want)to become a banker.
So this week, he ____________(do)a practical course in a bank.
There (be) a bank in a nearby town, but James ___________(have)to take the bus to get there.
The bus __________(leave)at 5.30 in the morning and ____________(return)at 8.15 in the evening.
James ___________ (not / like)to spend so much time in town before and after work, waiting for the bus.
Therefore, this week he ____________(stay)with his aunt, who__________(live)in town.
James usually ______________(wear)jeans and t-shirts, but while he ____________(work)for the bank now, he _____________(wear)a suit and a tie.

Test. 1. Present Continuous. Escribe la forma en ing de los siguientes verbos.

walk -
make -
wash -
lie -
stop -

2. Simple Present. EScribe las formas correspondientes de la 3ª persona del singular de los siguientes verbos.

write - she
kiss - he
must - she
laugh - she
go - he

Uses. 3. When to use which tense? (¿cuando usamos los siguientes tiempos verbales?)

- For present actions happening one after another, we use Simple Present/Present Continuous.
- For actions happening while speaking, we use Simple Present/Present Continuous.
- For arrangements for the near future, we use Simple Present/Present Continuous.
- For actions set by a schedule or timetable, we use Simple Present/Present Continuous.
- Which tense do you have to use with the following signal words: sometimes, never, every day? Simple Present/Present Continuous.
- Which tense do you have to use with the following signal words: Listen!, at the moment, right now? Simple Present/Present Continuous

4. Positive sentences. Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Continuous.

The lesson __________ (start)at 9 o'clock.
He often ___________(wear)a black cap.
I __________ (meet)my friends in the youth club tonight.
My friend __________(move)house tomorrow.
My birthday ___________(be)in September.

5. Negative sentences. Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Continuous.

She __________(not / ride)her bike right now.
We ____________(not / stay)at home tonight.
I ____________(not / like)bananas.
They __________(not / know)the answer.
I ____________(not / sit)in the garden at the moment.

6. Question. Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Continuous.

When __________________(arrive / the plane)?
___________________(visit / you) Jane in hospital today?
What time _________________(get up / you) in the mornings?
Why ________________(cry / she)now?
_________________(swim / they)in the pool at the moment?

7. Text. Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Continuous.

I ______________(live)in London.
This weekend, I _____________(visit)my friends in Brighton.
The train to Brighton ______________(leave)London at 6.45 in the morning.
In the early afternoon, we ______________(want)to go on a sightseeing tour.
In the evening, we _____________(go)to a concert.
The concert _________________(start)at 8 o'clock.
I _____________(come)back to London on Sunday.
My train ____________(arrive)in London at 7.50 in the evening.

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